Christian Storms, the Japan based dialogue coach, translator, director, producer is a bilingual American who has been working in Japan for 30 years. He lives for the heartache and bliss of production. 

According to Tom Mes’s book RE-AGITATOR about Miike Takashi, “Christian is one of the few foreigners who can claim to be a true insider in the world of Japanese film. As an actor, writer, dialogue coach and translator, he has gained a unique insight and familiarity both in front of and behind the camera. He is a regular and close collaborator of Takashi Miike.” 

Being fully bilingual and a trained actor, he is a sought after on-set interpreter and dialogue coach for Japanese actors. Credits include: dialogue coach/translator for Asano Tadanobu (Hogun) on THOR, on-set interpreter/dialogue coach for SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO as well as on-set interpreter for IMPRINT (Showtime's Master of Horrors). He translated the scripts for both these films. Other films that he's been a dialogue coach for include: Sugihara Chiune (Polish and Japanese cast, shot in Poland)Kainan 1890 (shot in Turkey), The Vancouver Asahi, Sake Bomb, Andarushia: Megami no Houfuku for Itoh Hideaki and Oda Yuji, Into the Sun, the English musical Talk Like Singing, Tengaramon and The Garden of Evening Mists. 

As a producer with experience in over 100 projects, he has spearheaded many Japan related TV shows for networks like the BBC (Top Gear), Fox (America’s Next Top Model), the Discovery Channel, and AXN (The Amazing Race Asia) as well as commercials for NIKE, Apple and Sapporo beer. In sport, he was the ENG producer/director for FIFA TV covering the Japan team in 2010, 2014, 2018 as well as the Women's World Cup in 2019. In features films, he's been a co-producer on foreign films shot in Japan including DARC and Rain Fall. He is the owner/line producer of Local 81 (, a Tokyo based TV/film production company. 

As a director, he was the first unit director for Ellen Perry's Fall of Fujimori - Sundance 2005. He also worked for Fox Sports Japan as a contract director/producer creating day-in-the-life player profiles and historical content for their weekly baseball show. Voice Actor Director for computer games: MetalWolf Chaos, BravoMusic 3 and Poiney's Poin.

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When he's not on-set, Christian utilizes his producing quiver of world-class communication skills, risk management skills as well as logistics and problem solving as a rock climbing guide ( and ski guide ( He's is an avid golfer and also paints Jackson Pollack style works. As a radio talent, he writes, hosts, records and edits Working Title, a monthly radio show for FM Karuizawa about film soundtracks. Listen to Episodes on SoundCloud.